“Whats makes a Territory more conducive to Entrepreneurial Dynamics than Another ?”

Grégory Guéneau

Our Observatory presents cutting edge innovation for Entrepreneurship in Africa : 

  • the only Observatory by Africa and in the World, for African Entrepreneurship ;
  • using advanced big data, deep learning and natural language processing techniques ;
  • providing advanced organizational, structural and configurational analysis and recommendations for African Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.


The Observatory of Support for Entrepreneurship (OSE) in Africa seeks to stimulate entrepreneurial productivity in Africa, thereby promoting social well-being, economic and democratic development, and growth.


Our goal at the Observatory of Support for Entrepreneurship (OSE) in Africa is to become the primary driver of entrepreneurial transformation on the African continent. We hope to play a critical role in the strengthening and expansion of entrepreneurial ecosystems through in-depth analysis based on network theory. By focusing our efforts on the mapping of relationships, communities, opportunities, and challenges within these ecosystems, we hope to inspire positive changes, foster innovation, and propel long-term economic development in Africa.


  • Extensive studies: Using network theory and content modeling, we conduct extensive studies on 19 entrepreneurial ecosystems in Africa. Our goal is to analyze collaborative dynamics, identify key stakeholders and communities, and detect emerging trends in order to provide actionable data and strategic recommendations.
  • Interaction mapping: We map the relationships and interactions between the various actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and its sub-communities, from the start-up phase to the growth phase, passing through financing, training, and support. This map identifies opportunities for collaboration and innovation, as well as measures to improve the performance of these ecosystems.
  • Identification of opportunities: By analyzing the collected data, we identify gaps and opportunities in African entrepreneurial ecosystems. These data influence our recommendations for increasing entrepreneurial support and promoting long-term economic development.


  • Engagement in innovation: We are firm believers in innovation as a critical driver of economic and social growth. We are committed to promoting novel approaches to stimulating entrepreneurship in Africa and encouraging creativity among ecosystem actors.
  • Collaboration and partnership: We value collaboration with all stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, investors, government agencies, universities, and civil society organizations. We believe that building a strong network of partners is critical to achieving our common goals.
  • Analytical rigor: Our approach is founded on rigorous and methodical analysis. We place a high value on rigorous data collection and objective, scientific interpretation to ensure that our recommendations are founded on strong foundations.
  • Long-term impact: We hope to have a long-term impact on African entrepreneurship. Our initiatives aim to generate positive long-term change by identifying and resolving structural challenges that entrepreneurs face across the continent.


David B. Audretsch
David B. AudretschScientific Advisor
Economist, Indian University, Ranked #1 Worldwide Scholar in Entrepreneurship
Erik Stam
Erik StamScientific Advisor
Economist, Top Scholar, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Didier Chabaud
Didier ChabaudScientific Advisor
Entrepreneurial Scholar, ETI Chair @ Sorbonne Business School Director, Paris
Norris Krueger
Norris KruegerScientific Advisor
QREC Center of Entrepreneurship, Kyushu University
Gregory Gueneau
Gregory GueneauFounder and Scientific Director
Majdouline Ettahri
Majdouline EttahriCo-Funder and Chief Development Director
Julien Benomar
Julien BenomarInternational Manager
I. B.
I. B.Data Scientist
Claude Cardot
Claude CardotRepors Officer
Sarah E.B.
Sarah E.B.Country Coordinator
Driss Rahli
Driss RahliChief Financial Officer